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Let’s start with the history of the company. The original name of rodgers organs is Rodgers Organ Instruments LLC. It is a US based company established in the year 1958. Rodgers W. Jenkins and Fred Tinker was the founder of this well known organization.

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Both used to work as an employee in the company Tektronix, Portland. It is said that rodgers organs were the first company which manufactured oscillator based solid state organs. This organ was introduced in the year 1958. Apart from this, there are several other famous products of the company. Rodgers has always been a leading name in the market of Electronic Organ.

After getting an idea of the history, let’s concentrate on the products of Rodgers organs. Rodgers Organs does not manufacture any specific type of organ. You can get a wide range of product. Be it, a customized organ or a church organ, just name it and you will find it in the store. You can also find the replacements of the products. Apart from the brand new instruments, Rodgers is also known for used organs. If the brand new organ is unaffordable for you, then buying a used organ is a great option for this purpose. Rodgers organs prove to be one of the best companies providing used organs. This is because it offers best value for your money. Rodgers organs never comprises with quality of its products.

Rodgers is a brand which is also known for the services they provide. Every customer is given a major importance, as if they are the first customer of the company. For getting a proper clarification on this, just visit any nearest store of Rodgers organs located in your society. You would experience the great hospitality. There would be hardly any person who would not like to purchase a product from a company which takes care of its product as well as customers simultaneously.

All in all, it could be said that if you cannot comprise with the quality of the product, Rodgers organs is the option perfectly meant for you. Here you would find excellent products, super class services and all this at an economical price.


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